Addressing the Curriculum Gap

An enormous gap remains between the expectations of standards and the curriculum actually taught in schools.

This gap exists because:

  • Looking at, reading, and comparing the standards did not seem to be a strategy that led to teachers using standards as they planned lessons and units.
  • Administrations and instructional coaches do not know how to monitor and support the implementation of the curriculum in a classroom.
  • Teachers have little or no support in identifying and understanding Power Standards.
  • Teachers do not connect the rigor and complexity of the new generation standards to student assignments and student success on the new state standards.

Exemplary Schools eliminate the gaps by focusing on creating Standards-Driven Lessons.  Standards-Driven refers to the focus of planning for whether students learn not what teachers are doing.   All schools have lessons that have a connection to the standards but the question is are they used to driven the lesson instruction or added after the instruction was already determined.

For students to be more successful with the more rigorous assessments, their instruction, assignments, and curriculum must match or exceed the level of thinking required on state assessments.

The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework accomplishes that.

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