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The Learning-Focused Instructional Framework connects the “education dots” so you can focus on what matters most — helping every student be successful! We know that there is no program, technology, or trendy teaching strategy that can replace highly effective teachers. Instead, we partner with schools and districts to focus on what matters most… teachers and students!

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Implementation of the LEARNING-FOCUSED Framework has taken our school from good to great. Student learning, and student learning alone, is driving every instructional decision made in the building. Teachers are cohesively organized in their professional vocabulary as well as their teaching strategies. Students move from grade to grade in our building with an understanding of the expectations and strategies they need to master state standards.

Jonathan Criswell (Administrator)
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We offer a wide range of high quality professional development and events to support educators’ quests to being exemplary.

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The highest performing schools in the nation plan with a focus on learning, rather than a focus on teaching. We help districts, schools, and teachers experience amazing success by learning the power behind planning and connecting exemplary practices. The motto, “Adapt, Don’t Adopt!” is our call to action. Let us help you learn to integrate curriculum and resources into a framework that values your expertise, as well as what works best for meeting the learning needs of your students.


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